I really liked the first season of The Legend of Korra. It was a whole new dynamic on the show with a new culture setting and new and old character types brought together. I just wish that there were more episodes in this season. Bryan and Michael, you guys deserve more seasons ahead, no matter what Nick says. I hope the seasons to come grow.

Also, I thought it was very interesting with some historical tie-ins within the series. I’m a big history nut myself. Did anyone feel as if the whole air raid by the Equalists on the United Force’s ships was a reference to Pearl Harbor? It was one of the many tragic events in history, but it was the reason why we joined in during World War II.  But I’m not saying that they were referencing this.  Like I said, I’m a history nut so I always try to look for some of these references wherever I can.

All in all, the Legend of Korra brought back so many memories of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I just want to know what are we going to do with all of this time between seasons?! I guess someone better invent Timebending.

Commercial Break Part 5

There shouldn’t be this many commercial breaks during a season finale of any show.  Any.  DAMN FUCKING STRAIGHT.  AANG OMG AND IROH OMG.  Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots.  Super Bolin to the rescue!!  Omg the Lieutenant…  WOOHOO MAKO.  Oh no Mako!!  D:  AIRBENDER MOTHERFUCKER.  Oh yeah Korra!!  So does that mean…SHE HAS TO LEARN THE OTHER ELEMENTS AGAIN??  OMG BUMI.  Oh my god…Tarrlok…

Commercial Break Part 4

Finally some Bolin, Iroh, and Asami time!!  Ooh Naga.  Amon, I so want to kick your ass right now.  OMG AIRBENDERS…HOLY FUCK NO, BUMI WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU.  Oh God Iroh that face.  You’re so like your grandfather.  Iroh you are too fucking cute.  MILO FUCK YEAH.  How the crap is this thing going to end…?  OH MY GOD MICHAEL AND BRYAN ARE TOAST.  THEY WILL HEAR FAN RAGE.  RAGE.  THEY WILL NEVER RECLAIM THEIR HONOR…Unless something badass happens in the next 20 minutes.